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 Southern Reflections

Albany and the South Coast

Southern Reflections is within easy reach of the South Coast's most popular tourist attractions.  Spend time taking in the spectacular Gap and the Natural Bridge, visit Whaleworld and relax on the beach at beautiful Frenchman's Bay.  

Cable Beach, Albany

Visit Albany's historic precinct.  The first town settled in Western Australia, Albany offers a window to the past.   Visitors can meander through the Old Gaol, the Brig Amity, Patrick Taylor Cottage, Princess Royal Fortress and Strawberry Hill Farm - the first farm in Western Australia.  

Albany is also a stone's throw from the Porongorup and Stirling mountain ranges, offering mountain climbing and spectacular views for the adventurous!  For those who prefer a more relaxed pace, take in the view from one of the local wineries.

Less than 10 minutes from the city centre, Southern Reflections is close to shop, post office, liquor store and fuel.  A golf club and the local sailing club are located nearby.  



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