Southern Reflections fully self-contained holiday unit, Albany Western Australia



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What others have said... 

 Southern Reflections

What Others have said...

Here are some comments from guests who have recently stayed at Southern Reflections:

"This is the nicest place we have stayed in Australia"

"Everything is perfect!  From the luxurious towels to the excellent and comfortable bed - top quality touches.  Thankyou!"

"We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay in your extremely comfortable and well-equipped accommodation. The view made it extra special - we could have watched the scene for hours (I think we did!). Your website was very informative but sells the place short - neither the view nor the shots of the house give the impression that it is as good as it is."

"Thank you - beautiful place.  Had a wonderful time, could not have asked for more."

"Lovely views, peaceful.  Generous hosts.  Most comfortable accommodation, everything we needed for a lovely three days.  Thankyou."

"Wonderful accommodation, lovely views. The thoughtful little extras help to make 'Southern Reflections' special. Thank you."


Last modified 13th April 2004